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Shaping digital experiences, reinventing physical spaces.

Discover elegance and innovation at THE FRENCH CREATORS through our restaurant with panoramic views of the city by night, where art and technology meet to enrich your experience.

We are scenographers. We specialize in immersive spaces and enhanced customer experiences.

From Fashion to Hospitality, from Entertainment to Museography,  



 As THE FRENCH CREATORS, we are also French-style art curators, bringing world-wide investors and globe-trotter creators together.

Our expertise

The markets we love to address

Visitors admiring a modern light installation at THE FRENCH CREATORS, reflecting our commitment to artistic innovation and immersive scenography.
Accessoires d'une soirée
Indoor pool at THE FRENCH CREATORS with vibrant wall projections, demonstrating our expertise in digital scenography and immersive lighting design.
A majestic cruise ship sailing through a fjord, surrounded by lush green mountains, reflecting our expertise in creating high-end experiences for the luxury shipping sector.
Jeune homme utilisant un casque de réalité virtuelle chez THE FRENCH CREATORS, plongé dans une expérience immersive de jeu vidéo, illustrant notre innovation dans les technologies interactives.

Our range of expertise 

Our mission is to transform ordinary set designs for your business, site or destination in an extraordinary and immersive scenography.

To bring your projects to life, we employ four major areas of expertise.

Laptop displaying a production by THE FRENCH CREATORS on a well-organised desk, highlighting our integration of technology into modern artistic experiences.

We bring your wildest stage design dreams to life!

Get to know us

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