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Explore our comprehensive suite of services designed to elevate your projects through innovation and artistic vision.

Those services revolve around four key pillars: Strategy, Programming, Design, and Production. 

Our suite of services 

From inception to completion, we provide full support for your project, blending years of experience with innovative solutions to deliver tailor-made, cost-effective, and sustainable outcomes for your immersive set design.



In this initial phase, our Strategic Consulting and Planning service is essential. We develop a forward-looking, artistic vision for your project, supported by feasibility studies and market analyses. This service also includes selecting and showcasing French and French-speaking creative talent, promoting French craftsmanship and design as the emblem of our achievements.



During the design stage, our Design & Implementation expertise takes over. We develop detailed operational and business plans that support your project's profitability while maximizing creative impact. At the same time, we drive the coordination and management of immersive projects, ensuring that each design embodies the elegance and innovation of the French Touch.



Production is the heart of our business, where our Operational Execution offer comes into play. We support you in setting up and monitoring operations, ensuring that results are in line with your strategic vision. It's also at this point that we put the spotlight on talent curation and the development of local partnerships.



During delivery and installation, we ensure the smooth integration of concepts and the necessary training. Our rigorous follow-up ensures that every detail is as expected and ready for outstanding performance at the inauguration.



Finally, on the operational side, our Impact Assessment and Strategic Adjustment service offers you ongoing monitoring to assess the impact of projects on your brand and your audience. We remain at your side to adjust strategies as needed, ensuring that your project remains vibrant and relevant over the long term.

In short, our promise is to accompany you from the first spark of an idea to concrete realization and beyond, ensuring that every phase of our collaboration exceeds your expectations for a result that combines performance, innovation and excellence.

Customer Journey

Scenography Consultancy

Logo de THE FRENCH CREATORS avec un blason doré stylisé, représentant élégance et innovation dans la scénographie immersive.
Logo de Studio ENORME, partenaire de THE FRENCH CREATORS, spécialisé dans la production de contenu audiovisuel monumental.

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Cultural Programming


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